"To Make Tech Design Human Again, Look to the Past"

An article by Tom Lakovic, co-founder of INDUSTRY, a design consultancy in Portland, OR. He is an interaction design thought leader, former Interaction Director for Nike+, and an advocate for the appropriate application of technology to create meaning through both digital and analog experiences.

"The future of interaction design will be about making it human (again)."

The landscape of interaction design is a mess. But messes have a way of also bringing about opportunities, don’t they?

Examples abound of inappropriate and unnecessary technology masquerading as innovation. Look at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show from last month; it featured a bewildering array of innovation box-checking, ranging from touchscreen fridges to dashboards that take your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road. But any modern innovation manager can slap a touchscreen on a product and tell you what it adds over its analog counterpart. I believe it’s just as important to consider what is being lost.



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