Make Love, Not war- can video games be a force for good?

The annual Games for Change Festival is linking this year with New York's Tribeca Film Festival in an effort to give video games greater more about the attempt to change people's perceptions of gaming as shallow, violent and childish in this Observer article:



  • Lucia Pannese 14. April 2014

    "People understand that games are powerful, but they're also scared of this power," says Burak. 

    Nancy, I was looking as well at ETHICAL GAMES..... 

    what do other people think?

  • Elisa Brescianini 14. April 2014

    I strongly agree with Lucia.

    Also the analysis that imaginary is carrying out about the future of games already indicates that probably one of the most important challenges that the game industry will have to deal with in the next future is to consider ethical issues.


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