The BooGames project aims to support policymakers in understanding the economic importance of the digital gaming industry. This is done by sharing knowledge between regions, the creation of a good practice guide and the implementation of these good practices in two-up-and-coming regions (Malta and Sofia) that are interested in creating a more robust gaming industry

On the Boogames website  you can download Boo Games Regional Analysis Report prepared by the 14 European partners of the Boo-Games project to understand the state of the art of the Games sector in each region and to identify needs and gaps. 

The Good Practice Guide is expected by the end of May but you can already have a look at the practice here


  • Munir Abbasi 26. April 2014

    We need to develop new creative ideas,value cretaion process, future visions and their relationships with key customers, stakeholders, key products and channels to  improve the economy for the digital industry.

  • Lucia Pannese 28. April 2014

    dear Eleonora, thank you for this very interesting input! I think we should find a synergy to join forces for a common result.

    I'm wokdering of others are also striving into this direction?


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