How does Zaha Hadid Office operate?


  • Jeff Butler 30. October 2014

    The ZHA video mentions "obsessed with innovation". I think this video link deserves to be posted in the design and futures groups as well as in architecture:

    It is interesting to reflect (about 5 minutes into the video) to what extent ZHA push the frontiers of materials technology (eg thermal glass) or structural engineering or if even the most imaginative ZHA designs can be built using current expertise, technologies and materials.

    How differently might ZHA and other practices work if there were 'clients' willing to finance and specify projects that can only be completed 5, 7 or 15 years into the future and if designs must be impossible to build now?

    'Clients' might include industry consortia and R&D funding agencies and prize schemes such as 'X-factor , which lead to Virgin Galactica.    

    Provided the projects were real and not just for exhibitions, they could drive forward R&D and innovation in advanced materials and other emerging technologies. 

    How well might the same model work in other areas?   (ZHA mentions work ranging from urban spaces to architectural spaces and even to cutlery)  






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