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Mixed Reality technology and 3D Holograms: The bright future of Serious Games (?)

Dear members

We are living in the booming stage of the Mixed Reality era.

The boundaries between real and virtual world become more and more blurred, as technological achievements in depth & mark- less tracking, smart eye-tracking, sophisticated interaction & rendering between virtual objects and real environments, advance use of stereographic and polarized projections, use of specialized lenses, capabilities of reliable speech recognition system, and hand gesture interaction, start creating a very immersive and natural for the user, experience.

From cameras on mobile devices, to Augmented & Virtual reality googles and glasses, to soon AR eye contacts, and a free of device need in a 3D holographic experience at the future, these innovating technological achievements may play an important role in promoting and establishing serious games applications as a main part of our daily life inter-actions.

Serving the humanity needs through this pioneer new platform, serious games may be able to occupy for first time the position and the prestige they deserve at the pantheon of immersive technology.

Mixed / virtual reality implementations, have turned the interest mostly from video game entertainment and visual effects industry, and while the giant of Serious Games seems to be sleeping, serious games studios around the world collectively experimenting with the new technology, preparing the way for the great wakeup call. 

Does the future of Serious Games development seam brighter to you? 

Waiting for your replies and thoughts

warm regards



  • Lucia Pannese 28. April 2014

    dear Spiros, thank you very much for this inspiring provocation!

    I think that it is very dofficult to foresee what will be coming as pervasiveness is happening with a fast pace and as areas and different things are merging with boundaries changing and fading away. Eg I think that AI, games, 3D printers and other devices and techniques will be seamlessly intertwined

    what do others think?


  • Spyros Dimis 29. April 2014


    Dear Lucia,

    Thank you for your reply

    I agree with your statement that innovating technological achievements happen with a fast paste these days, creating a merging phenomenon in different areas of development and implementation.

    I also strongly believe that most Serious Games applications and concepts by nature "demand" a very close to real-life experience and interaction by the user.

    In entertainment video games, the close to real-life interaction promotes a more immersive, fun, experience for the player. In most  cases, this close to real life experience is not necessary, but it is a nice extra feature in storytelling.

    On the other hand, in Serious games, the feel of interacting inside real environments, with real-life scenarios, communicating with real people, and taking important decisions which can change the course of the ‘game”, it is one of the most important parameter in succeeding the learning objectives.

    This is where in my opinion the new technological achievements of mixed reality can “boost up” the effectiveness of Serious games.

    Duplicating ("cloning") as close to reality,  real scenarios which by nature are time consuming, complicated, life threatening, expensive, almost impossible to be recreated , synchronized and alternated multiple times, is where the advantage from the  use of serious games, lies. 



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