Museum Design Workshop 1: Vienna, March 28th (Future Cafe)

Posted 29. April 2014 by Kasra Seirafi

When: 9:00, 28 Mar 2014 - 15:00, 28 Apr 2014

Venue: Vienna

Organiser: Fluxguide / University of Applied Art Austria

Organized in cooperation with “Art.Lector”, a R&D project by Fluxguide GmbH and University of Applied Arts and ZIT-The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna, this event will welcome designers, curators, art mediators, artists, education experts from Austria and beyond.

This interactive workshop session, taking place in Vienna on March 28, will gather viewpoints from the targeted participants and discuss the state of the art of technology in design, art and museum. Those inputs will then serve as a basis to build a rodmap for those creative industries’ future.

Join us for this promising event and make us here your voice !


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