Meet CRe-AM at the London Design Festival

Posted 30. July 2014 by Dimitra Pappa

When: 14:30 - 17:30, 18 Sep 2014

Venue: Victoria and Albert Museum Cromwell Road, London , SW7 2RL

Organiser: CRe-AM project

Contact: floriane.maillet(at)

Come and join us for two exciting workshops organized by the CRe-AM team! The workshop “Envisioning the future of design” will be divided into two sessions: “Designing Tomorrow” and “Shaping the Design/ICT partnership for the future”.
Help us advise the European Commission on how to invest in the fields of design and ICT by telling us what you think tomorrow will look like.

The activity involves designers who currently use ICT tools in their everyday practices, and will engage them in a collective dialogue with ICT researchers and developers. The objective is to empower designers by giving them access to new forms of facilitation, enhancement, and contextualization of the creative process and its outputs.

Registration via email: floriane.maillet(at)



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