Art-TecH Engagement with Narrative Scenarios

Posted 10. September 2014 by Dimitra Pappa

When: 12:00, 19 Oct 2014 - 18:00, 20 Oct 2014

Venue: Ethalidon 1, Ethalidon and Thorikon, Athina 11851, Greece

Organiser: Black Cube Collective (BCC) and Andreas Kallis

Contact: blackcubecollective[at]

Event: October 19th 12:00-17:00

Exhibition opening October 19th 2014 18:00-21:00,

exhibition continues October 20th 2014 12:00-18:00

Hosted by Black Cube Collective (BCC) and Andreas Kallis

We invite our existing CRe-AM stakeholders as well as other artists and those working in the art sector and/or the ICT sector.

Have your say, tell us how technological developments play a role in your practice and thereby influence the future of technology in the art sector. Your input will inform industries and policy makers to direct funding and investment to the things that really matter to you!

Event Outline:

The event will open with an introduction by BCC and short presentations by exhibiting artists, outlining how technology plays a part in their practice and their future visions. The participants will then be presented with scenarios from the initial CRe-AM roadmap for critique as well as a catalyst for discussion and the generation of new scenarios, weak signals and any gaps.


The exhibition will showcase the works of 6 international artists who either employ, are inspired by or critique technology in a variety of approaches.

 Event Program

Day 1, 19th Oct.: The Event during the day (12:00-17:00 with lunch), exhibition opening to the public in the evening (18:00).

12:00-12:15 Intro by Svetlana Kondakova

12:15-13:00 Short Presentations by Exhibiting Artists

13:00-14:00 Early scenarios of the future of technology in the art sector presented for critique by participants.

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-17:00 Participants create their own scenarios based on their visions and desires of the role of technology in their creative practice  in groups of 4-6.

17:00-18:00 Break

18:00-21:00 Exhibition opens to the public.

Day 2, 20th Oct.: Exhibition open to the public all day.






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