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A crucial driving force for the Creative Industries development are the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). Using innovative IT solutions in growing areas of the creative sector – such as all the other groups you can find on the main page of the project website – opens up manifold competitive advantages for research, development and business. Aim of this group is to offer an open place for all ICT experts who wish to exchange and develop their ideas on how to create a roadmap for the Creative Industries’ Future.

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  • The EU is actively supporting research and innovation initiatives for the development, uptake and deployment of novel ICT technologies in the Creative industries. Following is a timeline of projects targeting creativity and ICT technologies relevant to the Creative Industries:
    European R&D projects: a timeline
  • Follow the latest news and updates from relevant European projects on Twitter:

    European projects on Twitter

  • Recommend innovative European R&D projects to be featured in the CRe-AM Community Space:


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