Trends and weak signals in the Design sector (Year 1): Revision

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Following are the results of the signal collection exercise for the Design sector, based on data collected during the activities conducted in the sector and on desktop research results.

Strong Signals


  • User oriented and user generated content
  • “Green projects”


  • Multi-touch-screens/walls
  • Google Glass and other upcoming Wearables


  • High-quality 3D printing affordable to all professionals
  • 360scan of objects
  • Entire shape design, styling and surfacing workflow tools like CATIA
  • Big office printer brands enabling use of pantone-colour cartridges.


  • Virtual immersion systems like CAVE, Oculus Rift, immersive screens, interaction systems (Kinect, joysticks, Flysticks), driving simulator, and augmented reality
  • Greater ease of access to new tools, materials and industry information
  • Better and faster ubiquitous internet connection with high-speed upload and download
  •  Robotics

Weak Signals

  • New forms of technology and design transforming public art spaces such as galleries, museums, and archives into collaborative, user-oriented spaces
  • Public environments for individual and artistic expressions
  •  Brain interface (commands given through electroencephalography)
  •  Creation software that will enable users to preview the project according to the paper/material/texture used for the final version as well as its resistance under different circumstances
  • Screens better adapted to the final look of the project
  •  Systems enabling collaboration at a distance in virtual immersion


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