Trends and weak signals in the Art sector (Year 1): Revision

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Following are the results of the signal collection exercise for the Art sector, based on data collected during the activities conducted in the sector and on desktop research results.

Strong signals

Creative Production Technologies

  • Affordable access to technology
  • Interdisciplinary interactive artwork in music, tech, performance, music composition for TV, synch and live broadcasting
  • Expanding 3D and 4D creations’ boundaries for artistic works (e.g. 4D movies)
  • Demand for virtual spaces for co-creation, collaboration, training and education of the people and stakeholders regarding the history of art and creativity in art
  • Requirement for interdisciplinary understanding between artists and ICT experts


Emergent Art Forms

  • Virtual Art
  • Robotic Art
  • Holographic Art
  • Net Art
  • Telematic Art
  • Cyber Performance



  • Brain interface (commands given through electroencephalography for artistic works)
  • Broader applications of augmented reality (Multisensory Art)
  • Multi-touch screen boards
  • Image and music scanning
  • Non-intrusive technology to measure the feelings of the audience or their breath and heart rhythm during a performance and use this in an interactive environment
  • Collaborative virtual environments for artists



  • A global database for authorship and IPR tagging
  • Openness to sharing technology


Weak signals

Collaboration & Networking Platforms

  • Match making accessible platform between artists and ICT communities
  • Combination of art and social media tools and applications
  • Increased demand for more networking ICT applications to expand and improve Art and artists communities


Fabrication Technologies

  • 3D printing; Extended functionality of 3D printer that will use a range of materials


Exhibition & Dissemination

  • Demand for potential application of Technology for helping artists to share and publicise their artworks
  • Permanent digital data storage for Artwork
  • More interactive virtual technology that will take full advantage of 3D environments that the artist will use to submerge their audience into their creations.


Physical/Digital Overlap

  • New ways to interact with hardware through physical moves
  • Increased interest for technologies that blend the physical and virtual worlds; Multisensory art creation;


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