Strategic Roadmapping for Europe’s Creative Sectors: Collective Normalised View of Expert Inputs: Revision

Last updated 1. September 2016 by admin

The roadmaps presented take the weights of importance assigned to expert opinions and averages them for the sector. Initial strong and weak signals as well as trend information can be gathered from where high, median and low scores are or are clustered. For more objective trend pictures it is important to look at how each technique/technology cell influences its neighbours and how it is supported and stressed by neighbouring forces. What level of support a cell is achieving from neighbouring areas can be obtained by looking at the pressure view of the chart. These are given in the roadmapping spreadsheets and shown in roadmapping reports.

I am currently adding the pressure, trend and gap analysis views as given in the roadmapping reports This will completed shortly.

Jazz Rasool Researcher, Ravensbourne, London. Last updated 14.37, July 11th 2016

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