Trends and weak signals in the Games sector (Year 1)

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Following are the results of the signal collection exercise for the Games sector, based on data collected during the activities conducted in the sector and on desktop research results.

Strong Signals

Creative Production Technologies

  • Modular game design engines & platforms (Unreal & Unity engines, etc)
  • Cross-Platform/Device distribution
  • Cloud Gaming / Streaming
  • Real time visualization and interaction


Gamification of Everyday Life

  • Gaming to interact more with social life gamification will penetrate many aspects of our life as education and daily activities
  • Gamification will be part of our lives


Pervasive & Real World Gaming

  • Games to interact with the real world environment
  • Playful/Playable Cities
  • 3D printing combined with games so users can develop special tools with 3D printers that can be used as controls of the game later on


Interfaces & Interaction

  • Gesture Control interfaces

        - Eye tracking interfaces

  • Body Motion Tracking

        - Kinect-type devices

        - Facial Recognition systems

  • Haptic (touch) interfaces
  • Wearable Technologies (Oculus Rift, Google Glass,Myo Gesture Control Armband)
  • Multiple Screens


Big Data Analysis

  • Use of ‘big data’ for immediate and personalized feedback        


Weak Signals

Interplay with Physical/Real World Environment

  • Use of augmented reality devices to develop social gaming schemes, like creating different routes or paths which people can follow in the real world to restaurants, games, secret spots, etc.
  • Multisensory gaming experience with 4D environments incorporating smell and touch senses


Augmented Visualisation Technologies

  • 3D holographic projections
  • Immersive technologies – moving towards a Holodeck model in which gamer’s physicality becomes key


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