ICT Creativity Roadmap

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Challenges & Recommendations


 Within the scope of the CRe-AM project  a number of roadmapping recommendations on future technologies have been produced for the Creative Industries at large and interested policy makers.

The final recommendations offer an analysis of research directions for developing the desired future technologies. In summary, the focus of future research should be on nine technological challenges:

The results presented here were extracted from deliverable D5.9 (ICT Creativity Roadmap). This roadmap provides a synthesis of the sector recommendations and proposes research directions highlighting innovative future developments in the Creative Industries (across the five sectors considered by CRe-AM) and assesses their technology maturity in the short, medium and longer term, by distinguishing them between “present” (1-2 years), “possible” (2-5 years) and “probable” (5-10 years or beyond).

Download the summary of the CRe-AM Technology Roadmap for the Creative Industry here.