e-Publishing sector: Strong and Weak signals

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Key observations about the initial view of the E-Publishing Sector Significance Matrix (Normalised Desired) based on Desired Future Analysis.

Technology CategoriesTechnique/Process Categories
1. Hosted Services (Score 100) - technologies, spaces or domains which are remote from the creator and/or end user e.g. web services, e-stores, big data and Hosted Co-working spaces. 1. Socialware/CPD (Score 100) - How people evolve in response to technology (& technology responds/evolves with people's experiences), Awareness, Intermediary Business, Technical and Production roles, Knowledge, Hubs, Knowledge Bases/Repositories, Discussion, Communication and Sharing, including education, training and CPD. Interactivity, User contributed development/tools/formats
2. Comms (Score 67) - technology which connects the creator or end user to distant services e.g. broadcast technology, satellite, cable technologies, broadband, mobile, wireless wan, internet, Industry focused Virtual Private Networks. 2. Collaboration (Score 95) - the process of using the Collaborating, Responsive and Consistent design for content and device, Standards and Convergence. Individual, Community or Societal Analysis/Research, Addressing Obsolescence, Flexibility, Adaptability, Modularity, Policy, User Contribution.
3. Output Physical (Score 64) -technology which outputs a physical artefact e.g. DVD, Digital Files (DOCX, DOC, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TXT, XML, HTML, PDF etc.) , Printer to Paper output 3. Consumption (Score 71) - the process of selling, buying or experiencing publications
4. Application (Score 48) -Software applications that are used in the creative process or by the end user e.g. Word processing software, Layout/Illustration software 4. Integration (Score 63) - the process of integrating 2 or more stages of the design lifecycle
5. Output Sensory (Score 48) -technology which outputs in a virtual sensory format e.g. Cinema, Displays, VR Headsets, AR interfaces, tactile feedback, audio, Monitor Speakers 5. Marketing & Distribution (Score 46) - the process of understanding and engaging the end user, making the publication available to end users, features, user testing/experience
6. O/S (Score 25) -The underlying software platform e.g. Unix, IBM, HP, ICL-Fujitsu, DEC, Sun Solaris, Linux, Custom O/S, Windows, IOS, Android, Middleware 6. Post Production (Score 25) - the process of creating a finished publication, Editing, Colour Correction, Adding of Video, Sound and other Media, rendering
7. Hardware (Score 20) -technology which is physical and has processing capabilities e.g. PC, Mac, Smartphone 7. Production (Score 22) - the creative process of compiling a publication, storyboarding, layout, print
8. Physical Input/Support (Score 13) -Devices/Equipment which are used to physically interface with the production or publication e.g. mouse, keyboard, console, pens, smart pads. Admin/Technical Support Staff 8. Ideation / Development (Score 12) - the process of generating ideas or inspiration for creativity - e.g. commissioning, sketching, pitching, ebook development
9. Input Sensory (Score 7) -technology which provides input based on sensors e.g. cameras, sensor based, digital capture, , Audio, Microphone  


Most Significant Technology/Process pairings

Strong Areas

  • Hosted Services/ Collaboration Hosted Services/ Socialware/CPD
  • Hosted Services/ Consumption
  • Socialware/CPD /Output Physical
  • Socialware/CPD /Output Sensory

Weak Areas

Ideation in areas of Hardware/OS/Application/Input Sensory/Output Sensory

Clusters/Apparent Trends

  • Hosted Services
  • Socialware/CPD
  • Collaboration

Recommendations based on Weak, Strong and Trend Signals

Timescale: Opportunities within 5 years

  1. Ideation-Development / Physical Input-Support. (Highest Technique Area Score 100)
  2. Collaboration / Hosted Services. (Score 73)
  3. Collaboration / Physical Input-Support. (Score 73)
  4. Integration/ Hosted Services. (Score 68)
  5. Collaboration / Hardware (Score 68)

Timescale: Challenges within 5 years

Improvements in Consumption, Integration and Socialware/CPD in particular:

  1. OS support for Post Production
  2. Output Sensory (Multimedia content and strategy) support for Post Production

Timescale: Gaps needing resolution within 5 to 10 years

  1. The areas that will be well supported (Green) are the Ideation/Development as well as Production areas and Integration. Producing interactive content (Input) that allows variety of content to be delivered has areas of opportunity.
  2. Areas that may need watching for lack of resources and support (red areas) include Post Production and Application areas, especially in relation to automatic language translation.

see infographic: http://communities.cre-am.eu/pages/view/5703/e-publishing-recommendations


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