Games Sector: Strong and Weak Signals

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40 experts were interviewed from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives. These interviews were analysed using keywords and phrases to develop “heat-maps” designed to show areas of current, envisaged and desired focus. The data analytics produced tables and heat-maps which not only accurately reflected the collective view of the experts interviewed but also provided clear visualisations of the data that can benefit games sector stakeholders in multiple ways and provide a solid foundation for deriving recommendations.

Strong and Weak Signals

Once all the interviews had been analysed and added to the Master Spreadsheet, it became immediately possible to identify the most common keyword usages in each of the scenarios and rank them according to their frequency of usage and importance based on the scoring mechanisms used. By sorting this list, it is possible to rank what tools/technologies are seen by the overall opinions of the interviews areas seen as most significant today, in the envisaged future and as a desired “wish List”. The top 25 keywords in each scenario are shown below:

Current Scenario Table:

“Envisaged Future” Scenario Table:

“Desired Ideal” Scenario Table:

Sector Trends & Gap Analysis

Envisaged Scenario Technology vs Creative Process / Technique Road-map Matrix:

 Envisaged Technology vs Creative Process Gap Analysis:

Desired Technology vs Creative Process Gap Analysis:


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