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Technology Observatory

The CRe-AM Technology Observatory showcases technologies and innovations of relevance to the Creative Industries.

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Future State Visioning: Visions & Scenarios

  • Browse the visions and scenarios of your community
  • Rate the desirability and impact of these visions
  • Add your own visions and scenarios to your sector's list
  • Share your views and comments

Find the CRe-AM Visions & Scenarios here: CRe-AM Visions & Scenarios

Strategic Planning: Reseach Challenges & Recommendations

  • Browse the research challenges and recommendations derived for each sector
  • Share your views and comments

Find the CRe-AM Reseach Challenges & Recommendations for the future of ICT in the Creative Industries here: Research Challenges & Recommendations

Get involved: Registration & profile setup

  • Register to the CRe-AM Community space and join your sector group to have your say about the future of technology in your field of practice and to connect with other community stakeholders. Share your thoughts and visions about the future.
  • Set up your online profile to market your activities on the CRe-Am Community Space, create new partnerships, get new ideas or exchange personal experiences - worldwide and immediately.

Learn how here: registration and profile setup

Participate & share knowledge with your groups

CRe-AM is all about connecting with your creative industry sector. It enables you both to receive insights from others as well as gives you the opportunity to share your ideas.

After you have joined your sector group, you can add events, circulate your favourite web bookmarks, share files, join webinars, or start a discussion with all group members to exchange ideas.

Learn more about the tools you can use to participate here: participate and share knowledge

CRe-AM Roadmap: Open Consultation

Join the open consultation and contribute to the identification of the important areas of tomorrow's ICT research.
  1. Visions & Scenarios (Future State Visioning)
  2. Trends & Weak Signals (Technology Foresight)
  3. Research Challenges & Recommendations (Strategic Planning)

Technology Foresight: Trends & Weak Signals

  • Browse the Strong and Weak Signals identified for each sector
  • Share your views and comments
  • Enhance the lists with other technologies you believe may/will have an impact on your sector in the future

Find the Strong and Weak Signals here: Strong and Weak Signals in the Creative Industries