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Visions for the Future of ICT in Art

  • New Digital Technology closer to the physical world.
  • Affordable and accessible technology.
  • Increase the applicability and adoptability of interactive systems.
  • New more interactive technology.
  • ICT creative environments for artists.
  • Potential application of technology for  helping artists to share their artworks and to increase their target audiences.
  • More interactive virtual technology that  will take full advantage of 3D environments and which  the artist will use to immersive experiences for their audiences.
  • Broader applications of augmented reality, art that will give to the audience the ability to smell even taste in the form of interactive environments (Multisensory Art)
  • Technologies and tools that can enhance the experience of traditional arts and bring the work ofart closer to the daily life and practice of audiences
  • Whole genome sequencing, new developments in microbiology in general
  • Developing software that is sustainable and achievable to power and store exhibits
  • Interactive, augmented reality applications.
  • Computer visioning techniques and bioelectromagnetics.

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Weak signals

Collaboration & Networking Platforms

  • Match making accessible platform between artists and ICT communities
  • Combination of art and social media tools and applications
  • Increased demand for more networking ICT applications to expand and improve Art and artists communities

Fabrication Technologies

  • 3D printing; Extended functionality of 3D printer that will use a range of materials

Exhibition & Dissemination

  • Demand for potential application of Technology for helping artists to share and publicise their artworks
  • Permanent digital data storage for Artwork
  • More interactive virtual technology that will take full advantage of 3D environments that the artist will use to submerge their audience into their creations.

Physical/Digital Overlap

  • New ways to interact with hardware through physical moves
  • Increased interest for technologies that blend the physical and virtual worlds; Multisensory art creation;

Strong Signals

Creative Production Technologies

  • Affordable access to technology
  • Interdisciplinary interactive artwork in music, tech, performance, music composition for TV, synch and live broadcasting
  • Expanding 3D and 4D creations’ boundaries for artistic works (e.g. 4D movies)
  • Demand for virtual spaces for co-creation, collaboration, training and education of the people and stakeholders regarding the history of art and creativity in art
  • Requirement for interdisciplinary understanding between artists and ICT experts

Emergent Art Forms

  • Virtual Art
  • Robotic Art
  • Holographic Art
  • Net Art
  • Telematic Art
  • Cyber Performance


  • Brain interface (commands given through electroencephalography for artistic works)
  • Broader applications of augmented reality (Multisensory Art)
  • Multi-touch screen boards
  • Image and music scanning
  • Non-intrusive technology to measure the feelings of the audience or their breath and heart rhythm during a performance and use this in an interactive environment
  • Collaborative virtual environments for artists


  • A global database for authorship and IPR tagging
  • Openness to sharing technology

Technology Research Challenges & Recommendations