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Rage Project: @RageAppliedGame

The Rage Project is delivering access to advanced gaming technology resources and state-of-the-art knowledge to develop Applied Games easier, faster and more cost-effectively

CAxMan: @CAxMan_Project

The objectives of Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing (CAxMan) are to establish Cloud based Toolboxes, Workflows and a One Stop-Shop for CAx-technologies supporting the design, simulation and process planning for Additive Manufacturing.


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IdeaGarden: @IdeaGardeners

Creative learning environment to support the creative practices and processes


Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities - Sharing digital arts and humanities knowledge.


Aim of the COnCEPT project is the implementation of a semantically driven collaboration framework to be integrated into future synchronous/asynchronous collaborative design environments, to assist geographically distributed industrial designers during the early stages of the design process and in collaboration/communication with their clients.

DURAARK: @duraark

DURAARK, Durable Architectural Knowledge will tackle the challenge of building a secure and efficient long-term preservation solution for 3D architectural data.