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  • e-Publishing, ICT and new EU funding opportunities

    The interactions between European publishing and technology companies are of increasing importance, particularly as the publishing industry is innovating through technology to reach its customers, and develop new and interesting ways to engage readers. Changes in publishers’ business models...

    Tags: smartbook, tisp, smart publishing, EU funding, e-publishing, media

    13. May 2015

  • Did the 10 e-publishing predictions for 2013 come true?

    According to The Guardian, they were: 1. E-reader sales will tail off as people buy tablets instead, meaning ebooks will increasingly have to compete with YouTube and Angry Birds HD. Basic Kindles and Nooks will soon cost the same as a hardback. 2. Ebooks will continue to cost less than a singl...

    Tags: 2013, predictions, e-publishing, media

    13. May 2015

  • Future of Media Conference

    CRe-AM is a sponsor of this important annual conference and is delivering a workshop on 'Shaping the future for Media & e-Publishing. W

    Tags: media, future, e-publishing

    9. July 2014

  • R&D needs in European book publishing

    TISP has published the result of their survey "R&D needs in European book publishing". The qualitative survey, which was conducted among European book publishers by the EU-funded network Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing (TISP), in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair. From...

    Tags: e-publishing, R&D, TISP, survey, media

    13. May 2015

  • The Future of Digital Publishing: Going Back to Hieroglyphics

    Since the first hieroglyphics emerged in 4000 BC, communicators have constantly looked for ways to disseminate their work to a larger audience at a faster pace. One of the largest technological innovations to speed up the process was the printing press. Mainstream adoption came with the Gutenberg...

    Tags: new, media, future, e-publishing, digital, publishing, hieroglyphics

    7. November 2014

  • 8 Predictions On the Future of Digital Publishing

    We've reached the digital frontier of book publishing, but the implications of living in this new territory are not yet fully understood. If anything's certain it's that the next couple decades will see major changes in how we think of books, publishing, marketing, and maybe even writing itself. ...

    Tags: digital publishing, e-books, prediction, e-Publishing, media

    13. May 2015

  • IBM adopts EPUB as the company‚Äôs primary packaged portable document format

    IBM and International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) recently announced a collaboration to develop a white paper highlighting lessons learned from IBM’s recent decision to support EPUB as the company’s primary packaged portable document format. EPUB is the widely adopted o...

    Tags: epub, e-Publishing, media

    13. May 2015

  • Building Stories (2012)

    Building Stories, a graphic novel by Chris Ware

    Tags: e-Publishing, media

    18. May 2014

  • Conversations with Digital Publishing Experts #DPOI2013 A conversation about digital publishing trends and tools with expert speakers who are featured at the Digital Publishing Online Intensive ( Guests are: Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins, D'vorah Lansky, Daniel Hall and Ma...

    Tags: e-Publishing, media

    13. May 2015

  • Trends in Digital Publishing 2014 The Rosemont College Graduate Publishing Program presents Trends in Digital Publishing. Panelists include, Thomas V Hartmann, Calvin Reid, Don Lafferty, and Scott Chappell. The moderator is Anne Converse Willkomm.  

    Tags: e-Publishing, media, trends

    13. May 2015


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