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  • Katy Perry - Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance 2015

    Watch Katy Perry's US Super Bowl halftime show performance, which featured three main projection-mapped sections: a perspective-bending chess board, a tropical beach party, and an explosive, chaotic finale during which Katy Perry rode through the air on a shooting star. Meet the Team Behind Katy...

    Tags: art, projection mapping

    4. February 2015

  • RoomAlive: The Other Resident (2014)

    Developed by Microsoft Research, RoomAlive is a proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented, magical entertainment experience. RoomAlive presents a unified, scalable approach for interactive projection mapping that dynamically adapts content to any room. Users...

    Tags: art, projection mapping

    12. March 2015

  • Projection Mapping Kickstarts Istanbul's Oldest Power Plant (2015)

    The massive turbine generators of Istanbul's first power plant have lain dormant in the Santralistanbul Museum of Energy for decades, but the projection-mapped lightshow by the designers at Ouchhh jolts them back to life, transforming the rusted machinery into a hulking mass of light and pow...

    Tags: art, projection mapping

    7. April 2015

  • Projection-Mapped Dresses (2015)

    Projection mapping and fashion unite in this project by designers Proforma—Nicola Buttari and Martino Chiti—which sees the duo creating an audiovisual installation for fashion label DROMe. Glitchy visuals react to sounds, changing patterns and formations on the surface of a ...

    Tags: design, fashion, projection mapping

    20. May 2015

  • Design 3-D Printed Accessories Using Your Arm As The Interface (2015)

    project Tactum explores the concept of personalisation in the age of projection mapping and 3D printing, moving design for 3-D printed accessories off the screen and onto the body. Using projection mapping and Kinect cameras people can adjust the designs directly on their skin using intuitive ges...

    Tags: design, 3D printing, HMI, projection mapping, Kinect

    11. June 2015

  • Gallery Invasion

    Experimental project with dynamic projection mapping by Skullmapping

    Tags: art, projection mapping

    24. July 2018


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