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  • Touch Screens for an Online Shopping Experience

    What if clothing boutiques were more like websites, remembering everything you’ve tried on, passed over or purchased—and letting you submit requests via a touch screen? Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s New Stores Have Touch Screens for an Online Shopping Experience  

    Tags: design, retail

    9. February 2015

  • Data collection in fashion retail (2015)

    Fashion retailers have potential access to more information about their customers than ever before and they also have new opportunities to use this data to tailor the customer's shopping experience, whether online or in-store. Read more about Fashion technologies at:

    Tags: design, fashion, retail, beacon

    17. February 2015

  • 5 ways technology will disrupt commerce (2016)

    Devin Wenig, President and CEO of eBay: "The mobile phenomenon demonstrates how interwoven technology and commerce have become. But what we’ve seen is only the beginning. I believe we are standing on the brink of another secular shift in technology, a new age of connected commerce."

    Tags: future, retail, e-commerce, mobile

    20. January 2016

  • Back to the Future of Retail: Episode 1 (2016)

    Retail is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry and we are on the verge of a great transformation, as shoppers themselves become the predictors and dictators of the future.  This article is the first of KTN's five-part blog series exploring the next generation of retail. KTN (Knowledge T...

    Tags: future, retail

    25. February 2016

  • Accenture Technology Vision for Retail

    Retail technology vision and seamless retail from Accenture.Explore five technology trends that have the greatest impact on digital retailers striving to deliver seamless retail:

    Tags: future, retail

    13. July 2016

  • The next wave of disruptors: Five game changing technologies for retailers

    Technology disruptions often start small, but they can eventually gain enough power to crush the incumbents that lie in their path. With such a rapidly evolving digital landscape, it's not enough for retailers to be looking at how technology innovation is disrupting their businesses today. They ...

    Tags: future, retail

    13. July 2016

  • Amazon to use augmented reality to help shoppers

    One of the biggest limitation of online shopping is that the customer or buyer has no idea how that thing will actually look in his or her house. This is one of the limitations which stops people from buying big things like sofa sets or any furniture. But, now Amazon has decided to solve this iss...

    Tags: design, retail, augmented reality

    24. July 2017


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