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  • Digital Tools for Design Research (2014)

    Design research is about understanding real people in the context of their everyday lives and then using what we learn to inspire our work.

    Tags: design, design research, tools

    23. February 2015

  • The Tools Designers Are Using Today (2015)

    Browse through the results of the first annual Design Tools Survey. Just a decade ago, competition among the tools for digital designers was muted, at best. Today new applications and utilities debut seemingly every other week. This survey’s goal is to capture a snapshot of...

    Tags: design, tools, survey

    14. September 2015

  • Challenge 7: New Content Production tools

    Relevant creative sectors: ALL   Research Directions:   7.1 Improved/new Open source platforms for creating, sharing, searching, and collaborating - Tools that enable creative professionals to combine live performances, video and computer-generated imagery in real time. Ti...

    Tags: Content Production, tools

    13. July 2016


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